Our range of TRADITIUM™ columbariums is the result of a long process of research and development. Working in the field of Funerary Monuments since 1985, we have witnessed changes in funeral mores. Finding that people are opting more and more for cremation, and being attentive to the needs of our customers, we have developed a wide range of family columbariums products.


People will be surprised to learn that the majority of columbariums sold today are just a set of glued granite panels or a concrete box covered with glued granite. They are neither waterproof nor insect proof and the expectation of durability is far from what people have come to expect.


Since the 1990s, we have given ourselves the mission to produce an array of columbarium products that would exceed in quality and durability, with an artistic signature superior to everything else that is done in the field, regardless of the origin. Today we are proud to offer you the range of TRADITIUM™ columbarium monuments with various styles and a unique signature, across North America and beyond.


As a result of many years of research and development, requiring the collaboration of a team of artists, craftsmen and engineers, TRADITIUM™ was born. This product range perfectly meets the initial mission that we set ourselves.

Durabillity, waterproofing, security and unique artistic signature make TRADITIUM™ the best columbarium product ever made.

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